Oxford University Gazette

Preserving the University of Oxford's journal of record

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Published continuously since 1870, the Gazette is the authorised journal of record of the University of Oxford.

This invaluable resource for members of the University is published weekly during term time and includes content ranging from Acts of Congregation and notices, to classified advertisements and announcements of available prizes, grants and funding.

Historically the Gazette was distributed in print, however from March 2020, following the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gazette has been circulated almost exclusively by email, with print copies being limited to distribution to libraries and archives.

Starting initially with 15 volumes (dating from 2006/7 to 2020/21), the Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) service has been working with the Gazette's Editor, Dawn Dooher, and Deputy Editor, Mia Gaudern, to ensure that back issues of the Gazette remain safe and accessible long into the future. 

One of the benefits of the SDS platform in the context of this project, has been the ability to make redacted volumes of the Gazette publicly accessible, while ensuring that unredacted volumes are accessible to members of the University, using the Oxford Single Sign On (SSO). 


When the University of Oxford Gazette became a primarily digital publication, we needed a digital archive that would be accessible to different types of users. The Sustainable Digital Scholarship team have been fantastic in helping us to design and structure the archive, including taking account of our suggestions for new features. I am confident that the project will continue to benefit from the support of SDS as the platform’s functionalities develop further.

Mia Gaudern

Deputy Editor, University of Oxford Gazette