Featured Projects

Research Projects Supported by SDS

Around 1968, Faculty of History

Bodleian Student Editions, Bodleian Libraries

Child Policy COVID-19 Database, Department of Social Policy and Intervention

Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity, Faculty of History

Deep Roots of Racial Inequalities in US Healthcare, Social Policy and Intervention

Feeding Anglo-Saxon England (Feedsax), School of Archaeology

Griffith Institute (Various Collections), Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Oxford Facsimiles of Herculaneum Papyri, Faculty of Classics

Italian Cinema and Immigration Database, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

James Joyce Correspondence, Faculty of English

Lambert-David Collection, Voltaire Foundation

Multimodal Language Documentation for Dusner, Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics

Music, Digitisation, Mediation: Towards Interdisciplinary Music Studies (MusDig), Faculty of Music

Novum Inventorium Sepulchrale, School of Archaeology

Online Language Documentation for Biak (Austronesian), Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics

Oxford Facsimiles of Herculaneum Papyri, Faculty of Classics

Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Faculty of Classics

Oxford University Gazette, University Administrative Services (UAS)

Post-Discipline: Literature, Professionalism, and the Crisis of the Humanities, Faculty of English

Voltaire's pot-pourris, Voltaire Foundation

Prismatic Jane Eyre, Faculty of English

RISE: Research on Improving Systems of Education, Blavatnik School of Government

Samuel Beckett Digital Manuscript, Faculty of English

Śāstravid: Indian Philosophy Research Systems, Faculty of Theology and Religion 

Science Gossip, Faculty of English

Sex and the Church, Faculty of Theology and Religion

Sphakia Survey, Faculty of Classics

TEXTCOURT: Linking the Textual Worlds of Chinese Court Theatre, Ca. 1600-1800, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Typhoid, Cockles, and Terrorism: The turbulent history of Anglo-Irish typhoid control in revolutionary Dublin, Department of Paediatrics

Victorian Professions, Faculty of History

Voltaire's pot-pourris, Voltaire Foundation 

Woruldhord, Faculty of English