Sex and the Church

Documenting Christianity's relationship with sexuality over time

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The Sex and the Church project is a groundbreaking research project documenting how sexuality and intimacy have been viewed by the Christian church through its history. Documenting hundreds of books, journal articles, conference papers and primary resources, this database provides an invaluable resource to historians, theological scholars, and those interested in the changing relationship between faith and desire.  

The project received funding from the British Academy for research, but this grant did not cover the creation of an online resource. To make sure that researchers could access this material, and that the project's research should endure long into the future, Sex and the Church contacted the Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) service. Working with the SDS team, the project team have used the SDS platform to publish and preserve their work, using built-in tagging and metadata tools to make the collection easily searchable and useful to researchers, now and long into the future.